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Champ Analysis

Champ Analysis consists of two integrated components, Champ Calc & Race Analysis.

Champ Calc is an interactive championship table which as well as providing driver summaries and statistics, allows you to simulate race results to affect the championship table and determine potential position changes and championship outcomes. A championship summary is also available which provides stats of the whole season on one page and can be a useful tool for championship organisers and planners. Features Include :

Championship Table - Dropped Score Indicator
Championship Table - Recalculate Using Any Number Of Best Scores
Championship Table - Best/Worst Possible Positions
Championship Table - Points and Positions Views
Driver Summary - Average Finish, Podium Results Summary, Photo, Web-Site Link, Points Difference Table
Results Table - Race Analysis Link - Track Website Link, Last Race History
Results Simulation Including Extra Points Simulation
Position Analysis - Position Gain/Loss Permutations Calculator
Championship Analysis - Championship Winning Permutations Calculator
Championship Summary - Podiums, Qualy Race Podiums, Poles, Fastest Laps, DNF's, Passes, Best Improvers, Number Race Entries Per Event


Race Analysis allows you to replay races lap by lap with virtual commentary, linking media files (photo & video) to race incidents, reviewing progress on the interactive race chart and drawing bar graphs to compare driver’s data, along with general statistics including Best Improvers, a leaders table and driver consistency table. Multi-Class races are also catered for allowing you filter the lap-charts for each class. Features Include :

Lap Chart - Distance View With Customisable Car Graphics For Different Championships
Lap Chart - Filter Lap Times By Class
Lap Chart - Incident Indicators & Multimedia Links
Interactive Race Chart
Driver Comparison Bar Graphs
Driver Summary with Photo & Web Site Link
Race Stats - 3 Best Gained Positions & Lost Positions
Race Stats - Race Leaders Table
Race Stats - Driver Consistency Table
Virtual Commentary
Link To Champ Calc Championship Table

A complete database of statistics is built up and kept, allowing race history including lap records  to be controlled and maintained.

Please see the Instructions page for full details or view the demo page links below.

The pages generated create a diary of events that help keep the memories of races alive for the future, or helpful to commentators for future TV coverage.

The two components have been designed so that they can be used separately or together to provide a basic bare bones championship website (If you do not already have one) or alternatively, a content-boost to an existing website. They also provide something for drivers/customers/club members even fans (!) to “play” with during the season and in between races at their leisure, giving them something more than just the usual static championship table and finishing table after each race!

The Race Analysis component can work with any championship providing that lap time information is made available, so for example Champ Cars, F1 and A1GP could easily be provided for if required.

Please Contact Tony if you would like to see Champ Analysis applied to your championship!


Here are two links to demonstrations of the two Internet system components. They are integrated in that the Race Analysis page can be accessed from with the Champ Calc page. These two demo pages show off all the features of the system, containing Driver Photos, Website Links, still photos and video of race incidents, but do not directly relate to any particular Championship or Race.

Click Here For Championship Calculator Demo

Click Here For Race Analysis Demo

Service Description

Tony Barson Racing will, for a small fee, prepare race analysis data and championship tables after each race and make the pages available to view via the Internet.

Championship tables can be generated from scratch from the race results themselves and updated throughout the season if not available in any other way, or imported from official tables and kept in-line.

To take on a championship for use with the system components takes a small amount of administration work up front as the system is customised specially for each championship.

If you want to use the system to its full capabilities and have Incidents recorded with Media Links, Driver Photos, and Web site links etc, Tony requires the following information:

At the beginning and kept updated throughout the season:

  • Driver Photos/Photo Web Links
  • Driver Web Site Links
  • Championship Calendar dates
  • Points scoring for races – also, points for DNFs and extra points for Fastest Lap/Pole Position
  • Any Extra Championship points that can be earned (For example Marshalling)
  • Number of Scores counting towards competitor’s championship total

Lap times, grid positions and qualifying times need to be read from text (.txt) files and/or PDF files depending on the timing company that times the races. Champ Analysis is able to read data published by the following timing organisations :


Club100 Karting

HSST (used by 750 Motor Club)


NATSOFT (Australian V8’s and Oz F3)

RIS (Belgian races at Spa- Francorchamps)

Incident Descriptions (See Indicators on the instructions page for available scenarios), drivers involved and media links (photos or video) can be emailed via the Race Analysis Feedback page and these will be added in and the pages re-published to include them.


Advertising is also available on both the Champ Calc pages and the Race Analysis pages. These adverts can be confined to your own championship pages, or in general across all pages for the current season and will be seen by users of the system worldwide (as we have seen so far). Anyone wishing to advertise should use the details below to contact Tony.

Source Code / Development

Also, if you would like to purchase the source code to the back end and front end system components and/or use or customise for commercial use, then Tony will be only too happy to chat about it!!

Contact Details

Please contact Tony on (+44) 07973 453816 or E-Mail on for any questions/enquiries regarding Champ Analysis.


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